An interior decorator is a person thanks to whom surfaces without a specific character - acquire harmonious colors and forms. Thanks to his ideas, spaces in homes, offices and hotels - get their style and delight their eyes with extraordinary solutions. A specialist in interior design, he uses original colors, forms and textures of materials in his work. Or maybe you would like to go a step further and apply solutions that beat all other methods? Creative Green offers you ways to arrange interiors that will delight not only your customers but also you.

Decorative moss

One of our suggestions is fantastic decorative moss, which can be used not only on the walls, but also on the ceilings of the rooms. It gives residential or service spaces an incredibly fresh and unique look, surprises with juicy colors and introduces a forest atmosphere to these places. Decorative moss, placed in special panels, maintains its colors for many years, without crumbling or fading due to the effects of light. In addition to the undeniable visual advantages, panels with moss also improve the room acoustics that decorate. For moss construction it is used reindeer scratching, flat moss and cushion moss. You can conjure up a monochrome composition or a collage of colors. It all depends on your creativity and imagination.

Stabilized plants

Another remarkable offer are stabilized plants. Vertical ones green walls they attract the eye, improve well-being and bring garden elements to the interior. These plants are prepared with specialized, bio-degradable substances, and thanks to these treatments - they retain their beauty in time. They do not require any care, watering or sunlight. The choice of plants is very wide and allows you to compose realistic green walls indoors. Decorations from stabilized plants can be used indoors in homes, restaurants or shops. This unusual solution will certainly delight your customers with its originality.

The forest in glass

The forest in glass is another idea to diversify the interior. It can be a unique decoration of the living room or bedroom. Closed in a glass jar, ferns, miniature ivy, African violet, asparagus or succulents - in the company of mosses and pebbles, they live symbiotically in their microclimate, creating unique, minimalistic structures. This decoration, thanks to its unusual nature, will be a great accent in stylishly decorated interiors.

Flowers in a box

And finally - a curiosity - our flower box! Composed of fresh roses, wrapped in an elegant box, the ornament catches the eye with its originality and choice of colors. White, red, or powder pink packaging will emphasize the shade of flowers, bringing out their natural beauty. This decoration will enliven any table and will complement all interior furnishings.

We cordially invite you to cooperate with our company. If you have questions about our offer - we will help you!

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