We provide comprehensive services for arranging greenery in offices, cafes and hotels.

We take care of plants, offering full service and care. 

Expert's visit, which determines the possibilities of plant location, taking into account sunlight and individual customer preferences regarding the color and types of plant containers.

We create a cost estimate taking into account materials and space arrangement in selected plant + pot sets.

We realize order, we choose carefully selected plants, plant them with the use of substrate and drainage, and choose containers.

We deliver ready sets of plants and pots to a fixed place and arrange them in space.

We provide care instructions for each plant species.

We offer customer service, including comprehensive plant care including replacement or supplementation of the soil substrate, fertilization or treatment in the event of poor plant condition.

A comprehensive approach

We provide comprehensive floristic services. We offer sets of plants and pots. We deliver ready, planted plants to your space. We deal with the broadly understood arrangement of interior greenery. We don't just supply plants, but we also select flower pots for them. We create individual flower beds.


Manufacturer of Creative Plants glass fiber pots

In our offer you will find pots made of high quality fiberglass, matching any interior. Small and large, square, round and oblong, exclusive decorative pots. Everyone will find something for himself! Flowers will add warmth and charm to any interior. They are an ideal complement to the arrangement of offices, open space, restaurants and hotels, they also perfectly match the gardens because of their properties. Creating a room or garden in a modern aesthetics, it is worth using lightweight flower pots. Terrace pots thanks to the use of materials such as glass mat, gel coat and resin have gained a new, higher quality. The design uses simple forms of solids, thanks to which they perfectly match the fashionable, modernist style.

The pots are made of polyester-glass composites, which are non-flammable, non-plasticizing under the influence of temperature, are resistant to UV radiation, do not change their properties under the influence of heat or frost. The guarantee of the highest quality and attractiveness of the product throughout its life.

Creative Plants - greenery website

Not everyone has a hand for flowers and time to dedicate it to their care. Greenery service is a guarantee of the beautiful appearance of the office. During the service, we select and periodically care for your plants. 

We offer permanent or cyclical service - office plants care. The full service includes:

  • exchange of plants in poor condition
  • regular fertilization of plants
  • watering
  • leaf cleaning
  • sprinkling plants
  • caring for vegetation relative to light exposure


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