When getting acquainted with the latest trends in interior design, it is worth paying attention to high quality, hand-made, exclusive green walls from CREATIVEpanels mossthat will give the room a modern, minimalistic and aesthetic character. The interior architect will definitely take the challenge of perfectly integrating such a wall in our apartment, office, hotel or restaurant. Of course, we can successfully arrange the green composition ourselves at our individual discretion. Green moss walls really work in every room, including the kitchen or bathroom. They can also decorate the ceilings. They are the perfect solution for people who appreciate the soothing and inspiring influence of nature and greenery.

CREATIVEpanels green walls - health and safety

Green moss walls have many advantages. In addition to visually fitting into the most modern arrangements, they also have an extremely positive effect on our health and mental state. The panels are a 100% natural product that retains its freshness and softness by absorbing moisture from the environment. The panels are made using a plant stabilization process. This process is a technology completely safe for health and the environment. A stabilizing fluid is a fully biodegradable, ecological and natural substance. Thanks to the stabilization process, the moss walls are completely resistant to mold and other fungi and are an extremely unattractive environment for all kinds of insects. Due to their anti-static properties, no dust accumulates on the panels. CREATIVEpanels are an ideal solution for people suffering from allergies. In addition, CREATIVEpanels affect air purification by absorbing toxins. For this reason, green walls are also perfect for children's rooms. A green moss wall arranged in the kitchen or toilet will eliminate odors. The panels also have a relaxing effect due to their high acoustics, i.e. sound absorption and decibel reduction in the room. CREATIVEpanels are also a non-flammable product and therefore provide fire safety and can be successfully installed near lighting.

CREATIVEpanels - maintenance-free greenery

CREATIVEpanels moss green panels are completely maintenance free. You do not need to spray or wash them. The stabilized plant also does not need pruning, fertilizing or cleaning the falling leaves. These plants do not grow and do not like prolonged, direct sunlight. For this reason, they are great even in rooms where there is no natural lighting.

CREATIVEpanels are a Polish product and have a 2-year warranty. If you are interested in the offer, please refer to the offer page - stabilized plants. We also encourage you to check ours portfolio. If you have additional questions, please contact - 518-211-102.

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