An image of the MOSS reindeer scratching moss

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Image of reindeer scratching moss with various dimensions and frame colors.



The reindeer brood, also called Norwegian lichen, is forest vegetation. This variety of moss is used in floristry, mainly in plant and ornament decoration. In itself, it is a perfect picture of naturalness that we can afford in places where we want to feel comfortable. It is a designer product, which structure refers to the basics of nature.

 Due to the ease of laying, material durability and phenomenal presentation, it serves as a decor in creating images. The scratching moss indirectly affects human health and well-being, absorbing and releasing ambient moisture. Thanks to this process, the air is cleaned and we feel relaxed and oxygenated.

 The image of moss reindeer scratching is marked by antistatic properties - it is resistant to dirt, dust and dust, therefore it is an excellent decoration in public places, such as restaurants, hotels and specialized offices. You can order an image in any size. 

The product is not refundable because it is made to order. Replacement is possible if the product is damaged during delivery. Complaints will be considered within 30 business days.

Colors of available frames:


Additional information

Available sizes

30 × 40 cm, 40 × 50 cm, 40 × 100 cm, 50 × 70 cm, 50x50cm, 70 × 100 cm


Transport and assembly throughout Poland.

Frame color

White, Black, Natural wood, Silver, Gold


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