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Line CREATIVEcircle is dedicated to creating unique spaces and promoting Future & Natural Interior.

CREATIVEcircle 30

Dimensions: Ø 30 cm

 Height: 7 cm

 Weight: 1.5 kg

Price: PLN 200

CREATIVEcircle 50

Dimensions: Ø 50 cm

 Height: 9 cm

 Weight: 2.5 kg

Price: PLN 440

CREATIVEcircle 70

Dimensions: Ø 70 cm

 Height: 9 cm

 Weight: 3.5 kg

Price: PLN 780


* The colors displayed on the monitor are for reference only and may differ from actual colors. They result from different settings (parameters) of each monitor.
* All CREATIVE products are available in 12 colors, offering great opportunities to create a variety of styles and atmosphere.
* It is possible to make panels for a special size.
* Transport and assembly throughout Poland.

The product is not refundable because it is made to order. Replacement is possible if the product is damaged during delivery. Complaints will be considered within 30 business days.

Colors of available frames:


Additional information

Weight N/A
Available colours

Burgundy, Black, Purple, Lavender, Copper, Moss, Natural, Dark Blue, Orange, Spring Green, Yellow

Available sizes

Ø 30 cm, Ø 50 cm, Ø 70 cm


Transport and assembly throughout Poland.


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