We are all looking for more and more contact with nature, paradoxically living faster and cut off from natural green areas. The fast pace of life means that we simply don't have time to travel regularly in the bosom of nature. Man intuitively wants to surround himself with vegetation in the workplace and at home. The presence of natural vegetation in the room in which we live is a guarantee of good air humidification and purification in the natural processes taking place in the plant. In addition, the visual aspect of greenery affects our mood and affects us psychologically.

Ideas for arranging moss on the wall

When choosing the right moss for the wall, we have complete freedom in choosing the shape or color. You can decide that the moss will be arranged in a specific image that will complement the style of the room. Moss in this case is a decorative and interior design element. Thanks to the fact that we decide to install a green wall, we can easily ensure access to greenery throughout the year, without leaving the house. The moss wall resembles forest mulch and depending on our individual preferences, you can imitate natural bulges or hills, which gives even more naturalness to our green structure.

What kind of moss should be mounted on the wall? Installation and specifics of the green wall.

The real king among the mosses on our walls is the reindeer scratching. It is chosen for its spongy appearance and trouble-free care. The moss is suitable for office rooms, hotels, medical, commercial and other utility buildings, as well as works in the apartment. Mosses also look beautiful in post-industrial spaces, lofts. From forest moss, which creates a flat layer, you can create beautiful lumps that are the symbol of the company or create a logo from it. Pillow moss has natural bulges reminiscent of soft pillows that can be used to create fancy compositions, while grass moss is ideal for flat wall covering.

Health-promoting properties of the green wall

Moss in the room works great in urban conditions. Smog, suspended in the air, also penetrate into the apartments through window gaps and ventilation systems. The green wall is an ideal way to filter air. In the fight against smog, moss wins. The moss wall cleans the air from germs, so you should think about its installation if there is a person with a weakened immune system or an allergy among the household members. The soothing smell of moss and its beautiful, natural color, calms and calms down, especially those working under stress.

Moss wall - an easy way to decorate an apartment

The reindeer scratch occurs in various color variants. We have complete freedom in shaping the structure and many arrangement options. The moss will perfectly blend into the walls of an apartment furnished in vintage style, glass rooms arranged in accordance with the latest trends, and will stylistically complement the apartment filled with accessories in the style of Provence or colonial. Modern apartment buildings are increasingly taking into account green walls. Big breakthrough needs

Moss wall care

The moss cares for itself. The work done on caring for the green wall is not time consuming and demanding. This is important information for all those who like to be surrounded by nature, but do not have time to care for potted plants themselves. Interestingly - we do not have to worry about the fact that our green wall will quickly be covered with dust, so even allergy sufferers can install a green wall in their home.

What do you need to remember before you install a moss wall?

When installing moss on the wall, it's worth remembering that he doesn't like exposure to sunlight. Humidity at 30% will also not serve it, it is ideal for moss humidity above 40% - this is due to the fact that this plant draws water from the air. If we have doubts about proper air humidification, just place a humidifier in the room. Moss should also be protected from mechanical damage.

The green wall is the latest arrangement trend. A trend that is growing all over the globe - included in the most prestigious and demanding projects for usable spaces. Stabilized plants cover office walls, hotel ceilings, artistic compositions in SPA salons, mobile conference room panels, company logos and panels in our homes, as well as glazed underfloor surfaces. Interior designers have an amazing field to experiment with natural greenery in functional interiors. The unwavering interest in green walls testifies to the deep, primary need for human contact with nature.

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