Nowadays, architects outdo each other in the original arrangements of the surrounding space. The best solutions in this area are associated not only with aesthetic and visual aspects, but also combine functionality and utility values. Currently, various types of modern arrangements, focused on the creation of open spaces, in interesting but minimalist buildings are very fashionable. In such rooms, subdued colors dominate, there is no excessive amount of furniture, and the interior is decorated with stylish details that give the space the right flavor. In the field of decoration, the traditional solutions such as paintings or ceramics are slowly moving away to original and innovative ideas. An extremely interesting form of making modern spaces more attractive are all compositions based on natural solutions.

projekt wnętrza

Interior design taking into account the green wall.

One such suggestion is green walls from forest moss. Such an unusual composition, which can occupy the entire wall, as well as its fragment, will delight everyone, because it creates a real natural, three-dimensional, green image. The effect of truly green walls gives the whole room an original and exclusive style.

In addition to the visual effect, it should be emphasized that such a stylized space is conducive to improving mental comfort and mood. It has also been proven that green color affects the positive perception of the environment, introduces peace and promotes effective relaxation.

The moss stabilization technology on the walls or ceiling is a process completely safe for human health and environmentally friendly. The preparation used for stabilization was based on natural substances, so it is ecological and biodegradable at the same time. It is also important that the forest moss used in the composition is resistant to various types of fungi, including mold.

Dust does not adhere to these green surfaces, and the microclimate created by the type of forest moss used is definitely unattractive for insects and other microorganisms. All this makes such natural arrangements are ideal for people suffering from allergies and who value the ease of maintaining cleanliness of the environment.

CREATIVEmoss green panels are available in various formats - 30 × 30, 45 × 45 and 60 × 60 cm, weighing from 2 to 4 kg, from which larger surfaces can be composed. A special, hand-picked moss is used to create such arrangements. You can choose from several of its types. Amazing and spectacular arrangements arise when combining both types of moss, which later decorate modern living rooms, lofts, offices and bathrooms. This new product on the interior design market, in the hands of trained architects, becomes an invaluable material with which you can design a unique and extraordinary space.

If you are interested in the offer, please refer to the offer page - stabilized plants. We also encourage you to check ours portfolio. If you have additional questions, please contact - 518-211-102.

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