Moss in the company - this term just a few years ago would sound like an oxymoron and a good joke that you can laugh at during your break from work and then forget. Meanwhile, jokes have become a reality. Beautiful and useful - you have to honestly add. Because the fact that greenery in the interior has a positive effect on people staying in it - you do not need to convince anyone. Today, however, the era of other solutions has arrived, the so-called vertical gardens. The 21st century is a time of bold and innovative arrangement solutions - also with the use of greenery. Importantly, these changes do not only apply to the residential but also to the office segment. The arrangement of company premises is no longer reduced to a secondary rank, but has been promoted to the standard level. Office design is no longer limited to separating rooms and their furniture, but becomes an important part of building the company's image. Do you find the offer interesting? See ours portfolio. Do you want to receive a non-binding offer? call:


Vegetation not requiring a lot of work.

The use of vegetation is an extremely important element. It is important, however, that these plants are resistant to possible negligence and periodic drought - otherwise, instead of decoration, they will become its opposite. Meanwhile, greenery has a very positive effect not only on the company's image, but above all on employees and guests residing in it, which happens to visit the office. If we know that plant care can be a troublesome obligation - it is worth choosing another, less common, but very practical solution: moss on the wall.

The moss does not require watering or sprinkling - the only thing it does not like is direct long-term exposure to the sun. For its good condition it is important to constantly maintain air humidity at 40-70%. Even in the case of periodic neglect, its structure can be brought to its original form by intensive air humidification to the appropriate level.

The beneficial effect of plants on well-being.

Moss in the company - in addition to decorative qualities, it also brings many benefits for office employees. The moss wall is a natural air purifier - polluted air is an obstacle to adequate oxygenation of the brain, which in turn translates into less life energy and employee efficiency. Poor oxygenation of the brain causes drowsiness and apathy, and this is not conducive to work. Moss is therefore a natural filter, but also a link between the interior of the office and the natural environment. During breaks from work, she allows her to take her thoughts away from her and, in her imagination, move to nature. Favors the focus and concentration of attention. A large plane of greenery relaxes and also works favorably on the eyesight, allowing the eyes a break from hours of work at the computer or documents.

In addition, air-conditioned rooms are usually characterized by low humidity - meanwhile one of the conditions that must be guaranteed for the moss wall is its proper level. Therefore, indirectly, taking care of the moss - also cares about the employee, because the optimal humidity level for humans is also the 40-60% range. An important feature of moss is that it has antistatic properties - so no dust settles on it. This is important information for allergy sufferers, for whom this type of decoration will not constitute a habitat of allergens in the form of dust or fungi. Also noteworthy is the fact that the moss-covered wall works sound-proofly, which is perfect for company rooms where there is noise and harmony. After use, there is also no problem with removing the decorations from the wall, because it is a completely biodegradable product.

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