Plants indoors also make people more willing to spend time in them, they are more relaxed and relaxed, and less susceptible to e.g. the noise of working devices. Due to their properties, plants should be a mandatory element not only in houses or apartments, but also in office rooms. Their advantages far outweigh the small inconveniences associated with possible care.

Sometimes the argument against the use of plants is the lack of space. Indeed, this can be a problem. The lack of a free floor surface or a sufficiently wide window sill can be an obstacle to placing the plant in a pot. However, there is a solution that does not take up valuable space, and at the same time does not require giving up greenery in the interior. This solution is moss on the wall. This decoration allows you to arrange the unused wall surface, becoming at the same time a natural filter, a living ornament and a lure for the eyes.

Moss - as a natural resource ceases to be associated only with forest litter. More and more often he can be found in floristic arrangements, and his interior presence ceases to surprise. It gives a wide arrangement possibilities and looks great in virtually any interior. It is a great solution both in private spaces and offices. It does not require excessive care, but only an appropriate level of humidity (40-50%). Excessive light exposure is not good for him. Interestingly, it will be great in rooms without natural lighting. The lack of a window ceases to be an obstacle to the use of natural greenery in the room.

If we meet the above conditions - it will pay back to us with its unusual appearance and many years of maintenance-free operation. Just like in nature, there is a great variety of products using moss. Depending on expectations, we can get the effect of a flat wall covered with moss or imitation of a lively, wild forest litter. We have at our disposal both flat moss and cushion moss, often enriched by stabilized leaves of grass and ferns. The scratching moss (reindeer moss) is also popular - with an interesting structure, small requirements and wide arrangement possibilities.

The moss on the wall is subjected to appropriate preparations before final assembly on the wall. Thanks to this, the user is guaranteed that the process of its growth has been stopped and the moss will remain on the wall in the same form as on the day of installation - for many years. Special treatment means that the plant does not require watering, pruning or other care treatments. It also does not require fertilization, does not lose color and is practically maintenance-free.

The use of moss on the wall allows for year-round contact with nature - even when it is harsh winter or hot summer outside. Noteworthy information for future users is the fact that the moss wall decoration is anti-static - so it does not accumulate dust, it does not need to be cleaned and is not a habitat of allergens for people struggling with dust and dust mite allergies. Moss is considered a hypoallergenic product - it does not contain any typical allergens. Its installation on the wall is therefore possible in every home - even those whose residents are allergic. This also applies to office space.

The moss on the wall is particularly appreciated by the owners of small apartments, where every square meter is at a premium. It is also appreciated by owners of pets and small children: moss remaining out of the reach of little ones does not pose a threat to them and the temptation to destroy greenery. It also works well in offices, where it is the company's showcase, room decoration and a natural air purifier. Its advantage is also the possibility of creative use to build the image of the company: a logo integrated into the green of the moss wall will certainly not go unnoticed.

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