Moss is associated with a walk in the forest litter, rest and relaxation in nature. The smell and color of the moss evokes holiday memories and soothes you after a stressful day. An extremely popular idea for interior design is the use of decorative moss as an element of arrangement. This trend is not only a unique way to liven up the room; by absorbing toxins, the green wall cleans the air we breathe. The health-promoting properties of decorative moss are willingly used by residents of urban agglomerations who fight smog - also in their apartments. Are you planning to install decorative moss in your home or business? Let us present you the possibilities. call this number 518-211-102.

Decorative moss - non-care vegetable additive

Mosses used for interior decoration differ in texture and appearance. The last arrangement trend are compositions made of reindeer scratching, which comes from Scandinavia and immediately appealed to us. This unique decorative moss does not require special care: it doesn't even need watering. It is enough to make sure that the room in which the green wall is located, or the composition made of moss, is properly moisturized. Moss, because it draws water from the air. A wall made of decorative moss will look beautiful in a shaded area away from the heat source and not exposed to sunlight.

Beautiful lumps made of scratching paper, the decoration of office rooms

Companies and institutions that care about the visual side of the business, willingly decide to install in buildings that use: paintings, solids, compositions or panels, the main element of which is decorative moss. A similar trend is observed in luxury SPA salons and hotels. Particular attention is enjoyed reindeer scratching available in different colors. In the basic version, this moss occurs in several shades of green and gray. You can conjure up spatial and flat forms from decorative moss. French moss, which resembles the shape of a pillow, is also very popular. It is soft to the touch, and its clumps arrange into fabulous compositions. Pillow moss is plastic and flexible, willingly used to create 3D solids and walls. Decorative moss gives the room a freshness that only plants can give. In addition, you do not have to worry about the time devoted to the care of potted plants - decorative moss cares for itself.

Decorative moss on the wall in your home - an original way to decorate the interior

Decorative moss can embellish the interior made in any style. Regardless of whether we prefer colonial or modern style - a green wall will perfectly complement the arrangement of the room. Moss compositions are created by qualified florists and fit, for example, under paintings, and the whole is specially impregnated and properly modeled. The scratching moss is also used to create original Christmas decorations and graphic elements of interior design. Stabilized flat forest mosses are often chosen for creating green panels. Together with stabilized fern and grass leaves, they form the basis for creating an effective wall.

Decorative moss is eagerly used not only in homes and apartments, but also in restaurants (it is often used there also in the creation of dishes) and beauty salons. The multitude of uses of moss in so many different places is possible, among others, because the decorative moss does not attract dust. This hygienic aspect is particularly important for people sensitive to various types of pollution, allergy sufferers and people with weakened immunity, as well as children. It does not need to be cleaned or vacuumed.

An additional advantage of investing in a green wall is the fact that in the case of overdrying of moss, it is enough to ensure adequate moisturizing (40%- 70%) of air so that the moss can regenerate. Each green wall, which is based on decorative moss is made by hand, so it is a unique, original work of art. The flexibility of the moss allows you to freely create unique compositions that please the eye not only of the household members, but also make a strong impression on invited guests. The use of hygroscopic decorative moss in bathrooms, reduces excess moisture and helps clean the space of unpleasant odors.

Decorative moss also has acoustic properties. So it is a great insulator from noise, city noise and perfectly divides the space. Enjoying the unflagging interest of reindeer scratching for many years, it has forever changed the approach to using plants in interior design. This supplement works well in the global eco-trends and contributes to the element of urban contact with nature that is so lacking in the city center. Decorations made of stabilized plants have a soothing effect on our nervous system and support regeneration after a stressful day at work. An investment in a green wall is a good investment for many years of use.

Examples of arrangements using decorative moss can be found in ours portfolio. If you have any questions about it, we are happy to support. call this number 518-211-102 and talk to our specialist.

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